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Our vision is to deliver “out of the box” concept solutions, to modern and efective businesses. The world runs on Internet after the web integration of corporates the world over. It is essential for managers of global companies to have individuals who can “think outside the box” to compete with global giants. For a given problem, some people tend to explore solutions in the unknown world, which requires creativity, mental toughness, alertness and courage.

We have that knowledge !

Our Designers and Technical Experts will take care of the technology for you, building accessible and usable systems to deliver information at the point of need. Our team will ensure that your system is fit for purpose by identifying the information needs of your audience and then meeting these needs with the best available evidence.

The internet of the future will be everywhere, always accessible, always on, anyone will be able to plug in from any location with any device at any time, and it will be invisible. Development will focus on high-speed communication between machines, devices, people and intelligent agents, regardless of what or where they are. The Next step in Internet development is also Cloud computing…

About Us

HiQ Media is a web design company. The company is specialized in web development and Internet solutions for modern day businesses. Our goal is to continuously improve and develop our expertise to be able to deliver best products to our clients. Our technicians understand the value of proper, easy understandable presentation and the importance of robust functionality.

  • Crafted with love

    Yes, from start to end.. We understand that running a business keeps you up at night. We want to be there for you, helping you succeed.

  • Melodical by nature

    Graphic design for the music industry, including packaging, branding, poster and web design. This is our new niche and development area.

  • Be Conected

    Be Connected with the real world. Understand the user behavior to target your products in the right way. The technology development goes faster then ever, you have to be alert if you want to stay on top.

  • Choosing the right direction

    We are well oriented in the media landscape, we will help you to choose the best way.

Why do we use it?
This Internet Timeline begins in 1962, before the word ‘Internet’ is invented. In the 1960’s, Ted Nelson popularized the hypertext concept, and Douglas Engelbart created the first working hypertext systems. In the 1980’s, the Web itself was invented by Tim Berners-Lee and Robert Cailliau in Europe, and then rapidly spread around the world over the Internet in the 1990’s by Marc Andreessen and the NCSA team who developed the Mosaic and Netscape browsers.

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